Uzbekistan: BUKHARA



Bukhara with its unique architecture, interesting history and people attracts people from all over the world. Today that city is one of the most important tourist cities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with hundreds of historical monuments.

Bukhara with a history of 2500 years is one of the cities that has made an invaluable contribution to civilization and world civilization. Bukhara's location at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road stimulated the development of crafts and commerce from the earliest times.

The city of Bukhara not only has its mosques and madrasas, mausoleums of world-famous scholars and prominent figures from the Islamic world, but also palaces, caravanserais, Turkish baths and many beautiful green, blue domes. The surviving indoor bazaars, built in the old city quarters, are as impressive as the fairy tales and oriental movies we love to read from our youth. Bukhara ranks first in Uzbekistan in the number of historical monuments and the ancient city is easily walkable through the old city.

In the Middle Ages, Bukhara was the holy city of all Muslims and was considered a glorious city, where the most famous people met. Besides, Bukhara is the homeland of world famous people like Imam Al-Bukhari (9th century) - author of the book Hadis of the Muslims, famous doctor Abu Ali ibn Sino (10th-11th centuries) who is known as Avisenna in the world Bahauddin Naqshband (14th century) the founder of the Naqshbandia branch who is known as an important figure and leader of Sufism.

Thanks to the centuries-old work of Muslim scholars, thinkers, architects and poets, the city has been awarded the honorary titles of "Islamic Peak", "Bukhara Sharif", "Holy City". In the Middle Ages, seven cities around the world received the title of Sharif because of their reputation as religious centers * (Mecca, Medina, Mazar-i-Sharif, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus, Bukhara). Due to the fact that Bukhara has become one of the strongest centers of Islam, Muslim morals, culture and jurisprudence in the East, the title of "Qubbat ul-Islam" - "Dome of Islam" was given to early 9th century. Today Bukhara is one of the most visited cities in Uzbekistan and it is rapidly overtaking in the field of tourism.

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